Soulful Jazz Brunch Daye Serenade

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The MiddleBar, 129 N Market St , Inglewood

Come enjoy a fabulous soulful jazz brunch with yours truly Sangin', Sarah Daye accompanied by @RudyLoveJr on keys and vocals and @CarlosFisher on Precussion at the wonderful @MiddleBar in the heart of Inglewood's Arts district. An award winning restaurant with fantastic organic fresh food for all you foodies, awesome Vegetarian & Vegan options also, and all natural organic home grown produce, specialty exotic craft cocktails made with organic home made juices & purees.. You don't wanna miss it!

An acoustic interactive serenade. Invite and share with family and friends, or a fun brunch date!

Bonus: A lovely out door patio for cocktails in between sets! 11am-2pm come hang with us!