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Super excited to be headed back to Vegas for this massive Microsoft event/concert being held at the T-Mobile Arena with the fabulous Kevin Eubanks Md/Guiutarist extraordinaire who's also best known from the Tonite Show. I am grateful to be working with an awesome Alist band Including;Marvin Smmitty Smith on drums, Donny Sykes on lead vocals which is going to be an awesome collaboration. Rene Camacho on bass, Gerry Etkins on keys, Dave Richards on Trumpet, Francisco Torres on Trumbone and Bill Pierce on sax. Feeling all warm inside. It's gonna be a grrreat show. 7,000 people I'm told! A Massive stadium to prance around as I do! Lead Vocals is what I do. But it's gonna be fun to work the stage and back Donny too. 

Over all it's been a great month. Thankful to have featured in PLanet Hollywood a few weeks before, with my Daye Dream Team Band. Feeling super blessed and thankful that my hard work is paying off and God is leading me to some awesome works and career opportunities here in the US and Vegas. I am overjoyed and excited to get BUSY! As always, I stay READY. Also, I'm awaiting this lead roles opportunity I nailed in a fabulous new musical that's planning to be filmed soon live, and be pitched to Broadway. Another career goal of mine, This musical comedy has had some success already with its debut in LA. Stay tuned; It's called Ed Blues! I'm also super excited to feature and open the show with my characters opening monologue and featured songs. It's brining me back to my Musical Theatre roots. Make sure to stay tuned! :> 

On top of all this, I am working on a fundraiser for my new music project, which I've been working sooo hard to put together, and complete. The project of my dreams. It's over due and I finally have my Dream Team together. It's "A New Daye". I hope you will help spread the word and any financial support is soooo appreciated. Thank you for your love, support and belief in me. Come along with me on "The journey of the Daye"!

Lastly, I am completing my live Ep of originals; Sarah Daye "The Journey of my Soul" with my Daye Dream Team Band which is almost done.(Md/Drums - Stacey Lamont Sydnor,John Steward on bass, and Kevin Flournoy on keys.) 

With your help pre-Ordering, we will be able to get the final mixing & mastering done. Thank you in advance dreamers!!! Love you dearly! Xo               

Keep close for more. Follow my IG @SarahDaye for updates and Snapchat: SarahDayeTime 

Ps. All original songs you can hear live at my monthly show @Seventy7Lounge 2nd Tuesday in Culver City! 9pm-12:30am (Free)

xoxo SD 

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